Preparing for the Future

What’s going on behind the scenes at the Auto Supply Chain Prophets podcast? – Find out now!

It’s time to go back to basics and rethink the future of the automotive supply chain. Season 2 is coming, find out about our first industry expert guest. We want to hear from you!

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Supply Chain Perspectives from Emerging EV Suppliers

Auto Supply Chain Prophets welcomes two guests from the OESA Supplier Summit in Novi, Michigan.

Supply chain shortages continue to persist in the automotive industry, but some EV parts suppliers are finding success and growing quickly despite the challenges. Jovani Gonzalez, CFO of Acument Global Technologies, and Carolyn Sauer, the business development director at Schaltbau North America, offer their perspectives on how to manage relationships with customers and suppliers.” [Go To This Episode]

The Backstory

Shhh. Don’t say anything. I’ve taken over the microphone without Cathy and Terry. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a more of a backstory view of the podcast. How did we meet? How did I meet Cathy and Terry, what’s going on here? Why are we bonded somehow together with our mission on the auto supply chain prophets podcast? [Go To This Episode]

The Connected Car: The Intersection of Cybersecurity and The Automotive Supply Chain

Everyone in the automotive industry is thinking about cybersecurity. We got the opportunity to speak to not one but two thought leaders in the space — live from the OESA Summit in Novi, Michigan.

“When you have software or technology plugging into the vehicle in a totally new and different way, understanding how all of the systems around you and those specifications work is absolutely mission critical to launch,” says Jennifer Dukarski, known as “The Geek Lawyer.” [Go To This Episode]

The Future of EV Wireless Charging

Jeremy McCool, founder and CEO of HEVO, has a message for auto industry leaders: get on board for the wireless charging revolution. He recently joined the hosts of Auto Supply Chain Prophets to talk about how his company is building the future of EV charging that consumers deserve. [Go To This Episode]

Legal Lessons From Automotive Supply Chain Attorney Dan Sharkey

Not everyone has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the auto supply base today. But among the few who do is attorney, co-founder and member of Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco PLLC Dan Sharkey. A well-known legal expert specializing in supply chain contract disputes, Dan knows that the world of automotive is now facing some of its biggest challenges. [Go To This Episode]

Let’s get a sneak peek

Hello, and welcome to the Auto Supply Chain Prophets podcast. Due to the holidays, we’ll be sharing our next episode on Monday, December the 5th. We’ve been busy. We took our recording equipment on the road we have we did and we were live and in person at the OESA Supplier Summit Conference in Novi, Michigan. Such an exciting time and a different experience when you’re live at a conference like that. We were able to connect with thought leaders and get those impromptu unscripted raw conversations as people were walking out of the conference room fresh from the insights that were presented at the conference. So, stay tuned because you’ll hear the first of those interviews on Monday, December 5th. [Go To This Episode]

24 Essential Processes to Build a Foundation of Supply Chain Management

In this episode of Auto Supply Chain Prophets, they talk with co-host Jan Griffiths about the patterns that emerged when they identified each process and looked for connections between them, the results their clients have seen upon applying these findings and the reception they’ve been getting from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) so far. [Go To This Episode]

Addressing Staffing Issues in a Post-Pandemic World

From the staffing crisis to the current economic recession, the manufacturing industry has experienced a whirlwind of changes in the past several years. How can manufacturers ensure they’re in a healthy financial position while meeting the high demands of their customers? [Go To This Episode]

At the heart of The Prophets’ vision are “The 24 Essential Supply Chain Processes.” What are they? Find out, and see the future yourself.
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