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Moving Parts: A Framework for Improving Automotive Supply Chain Performance

In this episode of Auto Supply Chain Prophets, co-host Jan Griffiths talks with Cathy and Terry about their findings and how they used them to identify 24 processes that are essential to the automotive supply chain, creating a five-step, easy-to-follow roadmap to optimize supply chain performance.  [Go To This Episode]

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School’s in Session: Learning (and Teaching) the Automotive Supply Chain Ropes

With the supply chain industry in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, it might make the idea of choosing it as a career path seem counterintuitive for college students. However, the field still presents excellent opportunities for young professionals and recent graduates.  [Go To This Episode]

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Reflections of the Auto Supply Chain Prophets

Sometimes you have to look back in order to propel forward.

The auto supply chain profits podcast is taking a short break. But don’t worry, we’ll be back in two weeks with another brand new episode. In the meantime, take a moment and go through our catalogue of back episodes. We have six episodes already published, and our podcast audience is growing and we couldn’t be more excited about it. If you’re an avid listener, you’ll know by now that we close each episode with the “one thing”. The one actionable piece of advice that you can take on board right now to prepare your supply chain for the future and uncover all those opportunities for profit that we know are lurking out there somewhere in that supply chain.  [Go To This Episode]

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Electrifying the Auto Supply Chain

Paul Eichenberg has his finger on the pulse of the automotive industry. With an engineering background and three decades of automotive experience, the former Vice President of Corporate and Strategic Planning at Magna Powertrain, Inc. is now the head of his own consulting firm, which advises auto executives around the world on how to make the most of an era of disruption and the rise of electric vehicles. In eight years at Magna, Paul was responsible for three times growth and says this role put him “at the forefront of the major disruptions” taking place in the automotive industry today.   [Go To This Episode]

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Supply Chain Leadership: Risk, Resiliency and Trust

General Motors’ former Executive Director of Global Supply Chain Operations Bill Hurles is back to share more insight on the current dynamic supply chain landscape.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Bill (who spent almost four decades in the automotive industry before he retired) reflects on his time working with GM’s former head of purchasing Ignacio Lopez. He also talks about the qualities he’d seek if he were hiring a Tier 1 supply chain leader today — and the strengths of younger generations in the workplace.   [Go To This Episode]

At the heart of The Prophets’ vision are “The 24 Essential Supply Chain Processes.” What are they? Find out, and see the future yourself.
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