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Shaping the Future: Why Talent Development Is Paramount in Automotive Supply Chains

In this episode of the Auto Supply Chain Prophets podcast, Naseem Malik, the Managing Director of MRA Global Sourcing, brings his extensive 25 years of supply chain expertise to the table. He joins hosts Cathy Fisher, Terry Onica, and Jan Griffiths in discussing the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive supply chain. Naseem sheds light on the profound shifts catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the need for agile leadership in a rapidly changing environment. [Go To This Episode]

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The Future Is Now for Automotive Supply Chain

An industrial revolution is happening in automotive supply chain. It’s having its Kodak moment. But can the industry get ahead of the curve to avoid a similar fate? Traditional OEMs are feeling the pressure from electric vehicle (EV) startups. Dealing with disruptive, innovative new entrants is nothing new for most industries, but it feels fresh for automotive. In round two of this special Auto Supply Chain Prophets interview, we’re rejoined by veteran auto writer and editor Gary Vasilash to talk about the automotive supply chain future that’s already arrived. [Go To This Episode]

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The Force Majeure Pandemic

Before the pandemic, most people didn’t pay too much attention to force majeure in their contracts — until lockdowns, worker shortages and extended transport times interrupted supply chains. Since then, force majeure has become “one of the most invoked and highly-analyzed terms out there,” says Katherine L. Pullen, attorney at Warner Norcross + Judd LLP. [Go To This Episode]

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Leading the Next Generation of Women in Manufacturing

It’s 2022, but women are still a minority in the automotive supply chain and manufacturing industry, representing only 30% of the workforce. It’s a slight increase from 20 years ago when that number was only around 26%, but we can do better. Improving female representation is Allison Grealis’s focus as President and Founder of the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation [Go To This Episode]

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Pushing Past the Status Quo: The CIO Drives Business Value

In 2022, information technology (IT) professionals in supply chains can no longer sit on the sidelines. Responsible for more than just technology, they play a major role in strategy and business functions. No one knows this better than Heidi Mattison, Chief Information Officer at Superior Industries. From the beginning of her career in the automotive industry on the manufacturing floor, she saw how tech plays a crucial role in every corner of the company. [Go To This Episode]

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