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The Force Majeure Pandemic

Before the pandemic, most people didn’t pay too much attention to force majeure in their contracts — until lockdowns, worker shortages and extended transport times interrupted supply chains. Since then, force majeure has become “one of the most invoked and highly-analyzed terms out there,” says Katherine L. Pullen, attorney at Warner Norcross + Judd LLP. [Go To This Episode]

Posted in: Podcast Season 1

Leading the Next Generation of Women in Manufacturing

It’s 2022, but women are still a minority in the automotive supply chain and manufacturing industry, representing only 30% of the workforce. It’s a slight increase from 20 years ago when that number was only around 26%, but we can do better. Improving female representation is Allison Grealis’s focus as President and Founder of the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation [Go To This Episode]

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