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24 Essential Processes to Build a Foundation of Supply Chain Management

In this episode of Auto Supply Chain Prophets, they talk with co-host Jan Griffiths about the patterns that emerged when they identified each process and looked for connections between them, the results their clients have seen upon applying these findings and the reception they’ve been getting from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) so far. [Go To This Episode]

Addressing Staffing Issues in a Post-Pandemic World

From the staffing crisis to the current economic recession, the manufacturing industry has experienced a whirlwind of changes in the past several years. How can manufacturers ensure they’re in a healthy financial position while meeting the high demands of their customers? [Go To This Episode]

The Future Is Now for Automotive Supply Chain

An industrial revolution is happening in automotive supply chain. It’s having its Kodak moment. But can the industry get ahead of the curve to avoid a similar fate? Traditional OEMs are feeling the pressure from electric vehicle (EV) startups. Dealing with disruptive, innovative new entrants is nothing new for most industries, but it feels fresh for automotive. In round two of this special Auto Supply Chain Prophets interview, we’re rejoined by veteran auto writer and editor Gary Vasilash to talk about the automotive supply chain future that’s already arrived. [Go To This Episode]

The Shift to EVs

The pandemic was unpredictable, and subsequent supply chain issues led to lower-than-usual quality ratings. Even bigger changes are coming soon as the industry shifts its focus to electric vehicles. Suppliers need to be ready, says Gary Vasilash, an editor with Gardner Business Media who has been writing about the automotive industry for 30 years. [Go To This Episode]

The Force Majeure Pandemic

Before the pandemic, most people didn’t pay too much attention to force majeure in their contracts — until lockdowns, worker shortages and extended transport times interrupted supply chains. Since then, force majeure has become “one of the most invoked and highly-analyzed terms out there,” says Katherine L. Pullen, attorney at Warner Norcross + Judd LLP. [Go To This Episode]

At the heart of The Prophets’ vision are “The 24 Essential Supply Chain Processes.” What are they? Find out, and see the future yourself.
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