Building a Future-Ready Supply Chain through Digitization, Sustainability, and Diversity

Building a Future-Ready Supply Chain through Digitization, Sustainability, and Diversity

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In this episode of the Auto Supply Chain Prophets podcast, hosts Terry Onica and Jan Griffiths engage in a compelling conversation with Anthony Emery, the Supply Chain and Logistics Director for PHINIA. They take a close look at how things work in the world of the automotive supply chain, pointing out the ups and downs that manufacturers deal with in this ever-evolving industry. Anthony's extensive experience offers a unique perspective on the complexities of aftermarket supply chain management and the digitization of operations.

The conversation evolves into a discussion on the topic of sustainability, exploring PHINIA's commitment to environmental responsibility and the various initiatives taken to minimize environmental impacts across global operations. The conversation takes an intriguing turn towards diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), with Anthony sharing personal experiences that have shaped his passion for fostering an inclusive workplace. Anthony delves into the subject of women in the supply chain, shedding light on PHINIA's initiatives to champion women within the organization. 

The episode wraps up with Anthony offering a crucial piece of advice for automotive supply chain leaders that emphasizes the importance of proactive planning for continued success.

Themes discussed in this episode:

  • Supply chain management
  • Digitization of the supply chain
  • Aftermarket experience
  • The sustainability of the supply chain
  • Promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Proactive planning 

Featured on this episode: 

Name: Anthony Emery

Title: Supply Chain and Logistics Director for PHINIA

About: Anthony is the Supply Chain and Logistics Director for PHINIA, an internationally experienced leader known for building self-managing, high-performing teams. His expertise in data and trend analysis, coupled with a commitment to 'Thought Leadership,' contributes significantly to PHINIA's success in the dynamic landscape of logistics and operations.

Connect: LinkedIn

Episode Highlights:

[01:57] Anthony and PHINIA: Anthony's journey with PHINIA, exploring his role as the Supply Chain and Logistics Director and the impactful initiatives undertaken by the company in the automotive supply chain. 

[06:28] Supply Chain Digitization: Anthony sheds light on the digitization of the supply chain, emphasizing the need for global connectivity and the critical role technology plays in achieving comprehensive enterprise visibility. 

[13:30] Sustainable Practices: Explore PHINIA's commitment to sustainability, where Anthony discusses the company's global strategies for minimizing environmental impacts. It also examines the positive intersection between sustainability efforts and cost-saving measures, showcasing the financial benefits of a sustainable supply chain. 

[19:42] DE&I in the workplace: Anthony shares personal stories fueling his commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, discussing strategies like blind CVs for fair candidate evaluation. 

[28:24] Anthony's advice for supply chain leaders: Gain valuable advice from Anthony on building resilient teams and processes for sustained success in the automotive supply chain.

Top Quotes:

[18:21] Anthony: "Sustainability has a significant impact on profit and cash flow within companies. So, I think people need to make sure they're not only doing better for the environment but for themselves because the more money they make, the more we can put back in.”

[23:50] Anthony: “Diversity, equity, and inclusion don't need to be a hot topic; it needs to be natural, and it needs to be organic, and that's what we're doing right now.”

[25:03] Anthony: “Opening yourself as a leader and being vulnerable, being a servant leader, taking every little thing you've learned along the way actually helps you with that diversity. Because if you're open to criticism and be open to improvement. And if you're open to improvement, you're creating a better working environment for people.”

[30:04] Anthony: "Build your team, build your process, like you're going to get hit by a bus tomorrow because when you're gone, you want them, your team, your company to be in its best and most optimal position, and that mentality then needs to go on through."


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