ESG in the Automotive Industry: Embracing Sustainability for Global Supply Chains

ESG in the Automotive Industry: Embracing Sustainability for Global Supply Chains

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In the latest episode of the Auto Supply Chain Prophets podcast, hosts Cathy Fisher, Terry Onica, and Jan Griffiths dive into the dynamic realm of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) standards in the automotive supply chain. Their guest, Alexis Scipio, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in procurement and supply chain, lends her invaluable insights to illuminate the path toward embracing ESG principles to enhance sustainability and ethical practices within the automotive industry. 

In an in-depth discussion, the hosts and Alexis explore the profound significance of ESG in the automotive sector. Drawing on her wealth of experience, Alexis navigates the complex landscape of global ESG standards, highlighting challenges stemming from diverse agreements and frameworks that can create confusion. 

The conversation also underscores the importance of cross-functional collaboration and leadership in addressing ESG requirements. Alexis emphasizes the involvement of every function in ESG implementation, while also emphasizing the transformative potential of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) in fostering deep partnerships and engagement with suppliers. 

In this engaging episode, listeners gain valuable insights into ESG's multifaceted nature, its crucial relevance to the automotive sector's global supply chains, and the concrete steps leaders can take to align their organizations with ESG principles. With a passionate emphasis on partnership, engagement, and education, the episode concludes by inspiring automotive leaders to champion sustainable and ethical practices for a brighter future.

Themes discussed in this episode:

  • Significance of ESG in the automotive industry
  • Complexity of global ESG standards
  • Importance of cross-functional collaboration in effectively addressing ESG requirements
  • ESG’s broader impact on the automotive supply chain

Featured on this episode: 

Name: Alexis Scipio

Title: ESG Strategy Consultant

About: Alexis Scipio is a seasoned ESG aficionado and supply chain professional with over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. She’s the Founder of The Thrive Point LLC. and a certified diversity specialist who passionately integrates ESG principles into business processes.

Connect: Linkedin

Episode Highlights:

[03:31] Defining ESG and Navigating Complex Frameworks: The conversation not only defines ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) standards but also delves into the complexity arising from numerous agreements and frameworks referencing ESG.

[04:55] Significance of ESG in the Automotive Sector: The podcast underlines the profound importance of ESG in the automotive industry. The discussion revolves around how ESG considerations influence various aspects of the sector's operations and future direction.

[07:24] Impact on the Supply Chain: The hosts and Alexis delve into the broader impact of ESG on the automotive supply chain. They discuss how ESG requirements extend throughout the supply chain and require collaboration from multiple functions.

[15:46] Importance of Cross-Functional Collaboration: Alexis emphasizes the significance of cross-functional collaboration in effectively addressing ESG requirements. Alexis highlights the need for every function to play a role in ESG implementation, stressing its broader impact on the automotive supply chain.

[16:50] Fostering Value through an ESG Mindset: Alexis reflects on the transformative power of viewing ESG as a value-driven proposition rather than an added responsibility. By aligning ESG efforts with quality improvement, she emphasizes that this shift in perspective can reframe the role of ESG within automotive operations.

[22:50] Insights into ESG Implementation: Alexis’ expertise shines as she provides actionable advice for starting the ESG journey within the automotive industry. Addressing leaders and listeners in supply chain operations and C-suite roles, Alexis emphasizes the significance of proactive engagement.

Top Quotes:

[13:19] Alexis: “There's true value in ESG in automotive.”

[18:31] Alexis: “There's a direct correlation between people being happy and quality.”

[20:52] Alexis: “I find real value-add in making sure that you, as a buyer or supplier-facing role, know the culture of that company, knows and partners with them on technology, making sure that they're heard, making sure that they're engaged.”

[21:23] Alexis: “I mean, these are the suppliers. These are the relationships that will withstand pandemics, recessions, they will be there for you based on the relationship that you've cultivated.”

[23:40] Alexis: “So, my real request is for OEMs to step up, to make sure that they're partnering along with their suppliers to make sure that they are being partners in sustainability.”


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