The Future of Supply Chain and Quality Management in the Auto Industry

The Future of Supply Chain and Quality Management in the Auto Industry

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In this episode of the Auto Supply Chain Prophets Podcast, The hosts, Cathy Fisher and Terry Onica, along with the Co-host, Jan Griffiths take a broad picture of the automotive sector and its changing standards. Cathy stresses the necessity of clarity in relation to clients, markets, and value for strategic planning to be successful. Terry talks about MMOG/LE training and the need to align MMOG/LE with IATF 16949 standards for a more thorough supply chain management strategy.

They discuss the benefits and difficulties presented by the automotive industry's changing landscape. To build a potent fusion of innovation and mass manufacturing skills, they underline the importance of dismantling silos and encouraging collaboration between established OEMs and EV startups. The relevance of sustainability is also discussed, as well as how automotive standards should change to account for emerging technologies and cybersecurity issues. The hosts repeatedly emphasize the importance of a comprehensive approach to supply chain management and the necessity of fusing quality, supply chain, and other elements to ensure long-term success in the rapidly changing auto sector.

Join this episode of the Auto Supply Chain Prophets and dive in as they take a macro view of the industry and the standards of the auto industry. 

Themes discussed in this episode:

  • The Importance of Clarity in Strategic Planning
  • Evolving Automotive Standards
  • Collaboration between Legacy Auto and EV Startups
  • The Role of Sustainability in the Automotive Industry
  • Challenges in Supply Chain Management

Featured on this episode: 

Name: Cathy Fisher

Title: Founder and President, Quistem

About: Cathy’s firm helps its clients, particularly automotive manufacturers, eliminate customer complaints and increase their profits. She has worked in the automotive supply chain since the 1980s when she started her career with General Motors.

Connect: LinkedIn

Name: Terry Onica

Title: Director, Automotive at QAD

About: For two decades, Terry has been the automotive vertical director of this provider of manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning software and supply chain solutions. Her career began in supply chain in the late 1980s when she led a team to implement Electronic Data Interchange for all the Ford assembly and component plants.

Connect: LinkedIn

Name: Jan Griffiths

Title: President and Founder, Gravitas Detroit

About: A veteran executive in the automotive industry, Jan previously served as chief procurement officer for a $3 billion, Tier 1 global automotive supplier. As the president of Gravitas Detroit, Jan provides online courses, speeches, podcasts and workshops to break the mold of command and control leadership to help you unleash the potential of your team and allow authentic leadership to thrive.

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Episode Highlights:

[02:19] Streamlining and Adding Value to Clients: Cathy Fisher discusses the importance of streamlining processes to recognize and add maximum value to clients in the strategic planning process. Having clarity about clients, markets, and the problems they face helps in refining approaches for better client outcomes.

[05:30] Future Automotive Standards: The hosts discuss the evolution of automotive standards, including IATF 16949 and MMOG/LE. They emphasize the need to keep up with technological advancements, especially in software, and anticipate changes in standards to adapt to the rapidly transforming automotive industry.

[09:23] Mapping MMOG/LE and IATF: Terry Onica talks about the efforts to harmonize MMOG/LE and IATF 16949 to create a comprehensive supply chain management approach. The hosts highlight the benefits of understanding where these standards complement each other and how organizations can leverage existing processes to fulfill the criteria.

[13:09] 24 Essential Supply Chain Processes: Cathy and Terry present the 24 essential supply chain processes, derived from MMOG/LE and designed to address critical aspects of supply chain management. They discuss how these processes help identify and overcome challenges in the automotive industry.

[14:42] Lean in Supply Chain: The hosts discuss the challenges of implementing lean practices in supply chain management. They share frustrations they've encountered during plant visits, where outdated systems and resistance to change hinder efficient supply chain operations.

[19:24] Frustrations in the Industry: Cathy and Terry express their frustrations with the command-and-control culture prevalent in the automotive industry. They emphasize the need for CEOs and leaders to define the culture they want and encourage breaking down silos for better collaboration.

[22:02] Innovation Culture and Traditional Companies: The hosts discuss the potential benefits of merging the innovation culture of EV startups with the mass production capabilities of traditional automotive companies. They stress the importance of learning from each other and creating a more powerful and efficient industry by embracing both approaches.

Top Quotes:

[01:55] Cathy: “I think it really starts with having clarity around who your clients are, who you're working with, the markets you're serving, and most importantly, the value that you're bringing to your clients and the problems you're helping them solve.

[05:14] Jan: “And I look back and I think, how far we've come from those days when there was resistance to just a little old APQP planning. But that being said, what does the future look like?”

[07:78] Cathy: “We really need to take a strong look at our automotive standards, not just from the quality standpoint.”

[14:02] Terry: “It goes back to we're not documenting our processes. We don't have that culture yet in our plants, because when these new people come in, they lose all of that knowledge.”

[18:24] Terry: “We got to get people working together and all phases of the supply chain. Otherwise, we will just continue to fight these battles. And it's just at the end of the day. It always feels like it's about cost and not about doing the right thing in the industry.”

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