Transforming the Auto Supply Chain Workplace Through Engagement, Communication, and Gamification

Transforming the Auto Supply Chain Workplace Through Engagement, Communication, and Gamification

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Supply chain operators are more likely to ask a superior for help or relay critical information to a colleague if it feels like shooting a text to a pal about where to grab dinner after the game. 

Truly connected workforce solutions combine accessibility and accountability by employing familiar tech (like iPads) with real-time performance tracking displayed throughout the workplace.

In this episode of Supply Chain Prophets, Kevin Shayer of Allied Wire & Cable reveals some of the biggest successes and challenges he experienced shaking up the status quo and implementing QAD Redzone, a connected workforce system that ushered in a new culture and exceptional results. 

Themes discussed in this episode: 

  • Attracting newer generations to the manufacturing industry is a critical challenge for supply chain companies vying to stay relevant and secure talent. 
  • “Industry 5.0” means that companies need to add real value to the employee experience that results in engaging, fulfilling and meaningful work. 
  • Real-time dialogue between workers, managers, and leadership needs to happen consistently, and across all shifts in the manufacturing industry. 
  • Implementing connected workforce solutions sometimes means radically changing engrained workflows, which means change management efforts need to be unified and carefully orchestrated. 
  • Workplaces with high visibility performance tracking dramatically increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). 

Featured on this Episode  

Name: Kevin Shayer

Title: Vice President Operations and Supply Chain, Allied Wire & Cable

About: Kevin brings over 24 years of supply chain leadership experience to his role at Allied Wire & Cable, where he has helped to revolutionize their processes through implementing connected workforce solutions. Kevin has a background spanning multiple disciplines and a servant leadership style that motivates team members at all levels to achieve tangible results. 

Connect: LinkedIn 

Episode Highlights

Timestamped inflection points from the show

[3:11] Texting FTW, LOL: Apple TVs displaying progress like a scoreboard, iPads at each station, and the ability to message co-workers at any level in a familiar way all create an environment that encourages authentic participation and meets people where they are. 

[4:35] Green bar, gold star, can’t lose: Kevin’s team emphasizes positive reinforcement by celebrating accomplishments through visible stats and addressing issues in real-time. 

[9:00] Checkered flags replace carrots: In addition to engagement and communication, Kevin credits the gamification of workflows for incentivizing productivity. “Everybody is competitive — our goal is to help everybody win,” he explains.   

[15:47] Collaborating and empowering: Democratizing dialogue with tools and language that Gen Z relates to, utilizing connected workforce solutions, can create a collaborative environment that empowers younger workers. 

[19:14] Sprucing up the showroom floor: As prospective clients, potential team members, vendors, and other visitors tour facilities, Kevin explains that the highly visible new tech is an easy selling point to quickly showcase modern processes in a recognizable way. 

[21:14]  Jumpstarting rusty engines: More than installing accessible tech, Kevin describes their new system as a rallying point for leadership to revolutionize antiquated systems and create almost magical transformations in connectivity, productivity and engagement.

[30:44] The one thing: Adopting state-of-the-industry technology is one thing — getting siloed legacy teams on board during a transitional period of change is a different animal. As Kevin explains, engaging as many people as you can early in the process greatly improves your ability to get everyone rowing in the same direction.

Top quotes

[5:55] Kevin: “I’m half embarrassed to say this, but after implementing the new system we saw productivity improvements of over 100%. I’m very proud of that, and it was all done by challenging the status quo.”

[12:10] Kevin: “Technology enables engagement. People have a voice, management and colleagues are listening to their ideas, and it's leading to positive change out on the plant floor.”

[18:02] Kevin: “At the end of the day, the one group that has won the most with our new connected workforce solution is the customer.”

[19:44] Kevin: “Embracing the new technology and tools has become a part of our program — better yet, it’s in our DNA.”

[32:00] Kevin: “We had some big early wins, which led to a tidal wave of positivity that we rode for a year. Now the challenge has become maintaining that momentum through continuous improvement and engagement.”


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